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BIOGRAPHY Maybe nobody will remember my name

but I don't care.

I know who I am !!




Serena Scapini was born in Mantova in February 1969. The superior studies direct very soon toward her best inclination. Enrolled at the Art Institute “A. Venturi” in Modena, her home town, she chooses the address of "advertising graphic’s arts and photography", but she obtains her biggest satisfactions in the artistic pure subjects, inherited by her mother: painting and sculpture. At the diploma attainment, in 1983, she receives work proposals at a few companies of the surroundings of Modena. Afterwards moved to her native town, where today she lives, she works for some time at an advertising agency: creates the “Jackie ‘O” discotheque mark and she takes part in other smaller advertising campaign.


Always attracted and inspired from the colours, even far from the working environments, she has often unload her passion in several art forms, painting watercolors and moulding clay, up to reach the meeting, in the winter of 2000, with the painting on china. Just for simple curiosity she enters at an amateur course and is immediately fond of this art expression. The lively colours which develop in the works at the end of the cookings raise enthusiasm in her. The possibility the learned technique grants her to shade the colours and obtain splendid transparency effects and enchanting games of lights and shades, united to the mastery of the brush use kept with the passion, never calmed, of who those feel the art inside, convince her to continue the undertaken way. Her teacher, before than everybody, but also those around, recognize her undoubted innate pictorial capacities. Always searching for the technical improvement and the best artistic maturity, she keeps on, also today, to take part in refresher and specialization courses under an expert guide.


The first requests for realizations on order, decree the beginning of the activity. In the 2004 she reaches the Internet site opening. She have a hand at several collective art exhibitions during which she receives many compliments for its works. In the August 2007 her most important appointment: her first personal exhibition at "Antica Casa Il Bacolino" of Senigallia (AN - Italy) where she expose its 16 most valuable works.


  December, 2010 - S.B.